Case Study Case Study


Customer: Animal Petbook Ltd
Category: web development
Industry: social media, charity organizations
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery


The customer – Animal Petbook Ltd. – aimed at building a unique social network for pet lovers where users are represented by pets, share their pets’ life events and add pets that need help.

On the other hand, the project had a humanitarian tendency as while delivering unique experience for pet lovers it builds charity opportunities to help pets and attracts attention to their problems.


  • A need to create a clean and concise UI with a fast response to the user’s interactions;
  • A need to create a full website control system for the customer;
  • A need to integrate a payment system to make possible donations for pets.


Being powered by PHP and MySQL technology on the server side and HTML and JavaScript on the client side, can be fully controlled by the website administrators while website users can communicate with each other, upload pet’s photos and videos, see other pets’ public profiles.

Website messaging system has a simple and convenient messenger-like appearance. There are also email notifications to mark website events. has a Twitter and a Facebook integration and proposes charity opportunities. There is a PayPal payment system with the use of OAuth and PayPal restful services.


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