Dine Case Study

Dine Case Study


Project: Mobile application for iOS “Dine” – your culinary diary
Customer: Hoople SAS, France
Category: mobile development
Industry: utility
Technologies: Objective C, UIKit, custom UITable View, Parallax, social networking, iOS7
Platforms: iOS, Android


The customer – Hoople SAS – wanted to get an application to track menus users cook for their friends as well as dishes they eat when they are invited by friends.

Apart from it, the project was supposed to make possible composing meals and menus based on photos of dishes and sharing pictures in Facebook.


  • Implementation of parallax technology. Under parallax, one understands the alteration of the position of an object, which can be seen across two similar lines of sight. In other words, parallax is formed by the angle at which the mentioned two lines are inclined to one another;
  • A need to customize the project according to the requirements of the client.


The Dine Application is a mobile application featured by Apple for AppStore “Dine” and has a wide range of functions. In particular, the application is available in French and English, compatible with iOS7 and works over all generations of iPhones and iPads.

Users can create a dinner by date, attach images of their dishes to a dinner, attach guests imported from their contact book to a dinner, browse dinners, select and invite guests, browse them and track dinners they have attended, browse dishes and create a photo gallery out of them, sharing their menus over Facebook or Pinterest.


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