Mobile App for iOS and Asteroid Market Case Study

Mobile App for iOS and Asteroid Market Case Study


Project: Mobile App for iOS and Asteroid Market
Customer: French IT products manufacturer company
Category: Mobile Development
Industry: Entertainment
Technologies: Java, Android SDK, Json, REST, Voice Recognition, Encryption
Platforms: Android 2.3.7 platform adapted for Asteroid Tablet, Asteroid Smart


Our client wanted us to create a mobile Android-based (API version 10) app for Asteroid devices: Asteroid Tablet and Asteroid Smart. An important point to be mentioned is that the app was supposed to be developed from scratch.

Besides, the scope of the project included such requirements as compliance with GUI guidelines, reliability and robustness.


  • A challenge to implement work with a public web service API and organize a playback of streaming media via media player;
  • A challenge to integrate the app into internal Voice recognition system;
  • A challenge to rewrite a revised version of original design into Asteroid platform way of GUI to be compatible with other apps.


The app surpassed all expectations. Our developers assigned for the project reviewed the original Android application and “equipped” it with new functionality:

  • Multi users account management;
  • Heavy rotation section;
  • Charts section;
  • New releases section;
  • Collection section;
  • Playlists section;
  • Search tool (artists, tracks, playlists);
  • Playlist queue;
  • Voice recognition;
  • Day/night modes;
  • 10 languages of the app.

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