Pantene Pro-V Game

Pantene Pro-V Game


Project: Augmented Reality Game
Customer: Pixelbug
Category: mobile game development
Industry: mobile games, advertising
Technologies: C#
Platforms: Unity 3D, 3ds Max


Customer wanted to obtain interactive game product with high level of engagement for its target audience. The game is supposed to create the effect of marketing buzz and impulse activity. Pontene Pro-V Augmented Reality Game should become


In order to create a really engaging mobile app, Elinext Group's developers should pay much attention to seamless user experience and modern design with a twist. For this purpose Elinext specialists used Unity 3D and 3ds Max software.

This helped to meet the customer’s expectations and generate more interest in Pantene’s advantageous Pro-V capsules. To realize this idea they had to overcome a few challenging aspects such as game logic, AR marker detection and 3D models.


Pontene Pro-V Augmented Reality Game is now available on iPad2 and iPad3 with the same functionality. Here are the main features of the app:

1. 1st phase marker detect
2. 1st level
3. 1st level video
4. 2nd phase marker detection
5. 2nd level
6. 2nd level video
7. Outro video

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