Pap Vacancies Case Study

Pap Vacancies Case Study


Project: Mobile Application for iOS and Android “Pap Vacancies”
Customer: MobiStep SAS, France
Category: Mobile Development
Industry: Travel & Tourism
Technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, Java
Platforms: Android, iOS


MobiStep SAS ordered a mobile app with a friendly user interface for those who need information about hotels, flats, picturesque regions in France.

The customer required rich functionality for its clients (e.g., a possibility to see photos and contact a person or rent a place).


  • A challenge to implement asynchronous data retrieves from web server for quick arrangement of user interface in mobile app;
  • A challenge to implement custom map for both the platforms;
  • A challenge to integrate some third-party systems and API for comments, etc.


The final product – mobile iOS and Android application – “PAP VACANCIES – Location de vacances de particulier a particlulier” – involves the following functionality:

  • Compatibility with iOS 6-7, Anroid 4.0 and higher, all generations of iPhones and iPads as well as Android tablets;
  • 5-pages tutorial;
  • “Facebook-style menu” to navigate the app;
  • “2 clicks rule” to use the screen;
  • An opportunity to get information, photos, comments from other user about the place they want to visit;
  • An opportunity to share opinions and information about places via social networks;
  • An option to comment on the place;
  • An opportunity to see places on the map;
  • An option to add favourite places to a personal list;
  • Transitions between screens are “slides” or “fade”.

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